Japanese GI!!

What is the best brand of Japanese gi's? I heard of Isami before but what other kinds of Japanese gi's are there??!?!??!

I hear it's either Isami or Mizuno.

mizuno. yawarakai. :)

Mizuno is the best brand of Gi period.

well JACKETS but pants not so much.

love my Eurocomp but i have to use another double weave the next day so i can wash them together. otherwise my washer machine will tap dance for 45mins.

isn't mizuno more of a judo gi?? I'm thinking more particularly about a BJJ gi

Mizuno made Rickson's line of Gi however i dont think they do anymore. i have a single weave and its good as any.

ISAMI will probably the only JPN BJJ Gi you should consider or i even know of. i think ISAMI even makes JPN specific ATAMA jackets.

appreciate the info

i had a mizuno rickson gi. i loved it. lasted for about 4 years. used it 1-2 times a week. just ripped last week down the sleeve. this is why i'm looknig for a new gi. probably go with a koral. have one already and i like the fit and feel.

 Isami and mizuno and there's this brand called bull terrier.

whats the feed back on gameness??

dont' care for gameness. the lapel is too thick. just don't like the feel of it.

gothcha. thanks

 only thing i don't like about gameness is that damn dog on the gi. would get one if it just said "gameness" minus the dog. they could even right "dog" in kanji and that would be okay, but no animals pls.

not just the dog but that dumb generic saying they have on it . something like never give up nor pain and other stuff etc. that shiatz is on your back!!!!!!! cant read it and get inspired when you need it while its on your baaaack!!!! it does the opposite it gives extra MANA to the guy on your back choking you extra fast as he reads it for inspiration during the last 10 sec. of a 5 min. round! ha shiat! get a hunting knife and cut that shiatz off.

I'm not a fan of gameness either.  I don't own one, but I have seen many from friends.