Japanese Judo materials


I have alot of the DVD's and books on the market out there : Russian Judo, Extreme Judo DVD's, Mike Swain's, etc. Also alot of books : most masterclass, and like 10 other ones...

However, recently a japanese BB friend of mine brought over judo stuff from japan : incredible stuff. Its all in japanese though. The amount of detail they go into is unbelievable. I love it, and it too bad thats its not translated in English. I watched Koga's DVD (the new one, not the fighting films one) and also few ne-waza ones. They also had books attached to the DVD's.

There just seems to be huge judo material in japan, that is not exported for some reason : books and DVD's.

Someone needs to dig that stuff out of there.

You can get that stuff at budovideos.com

no, you can't, that stuff is different.

please hook a brother up


Some of the newer books you can get by without knowing Japanese - you just have to know that the pictures with a circle mean "do this", and the ones with the X mean "don't do this" (or is it the other way around? uh oh...). Kashiwazaki has some books like this.

y, books are alright...but in the dvd's koga explains stuff and i don't know what he is saying.

i have a few of them, bought them while in Japan. same problem, can't read the Japanese, but definitely you can still learn alot from the pictures.

if any visits Japan, goto Suidobashi station. At the bookstore next to the Tokyo Dome hotel, you will find a bunch of the Japanese judo books (stuff we dont get in North America), even a bunch of trasnlated BJJ books (Royler, Renzo, Royce, Machado), and some BJJ books not available in N.A. (Yuki Nakai - Paraestra, Roleta). Just cool.

Alot of books on karate, aikido, and other martial arts too.

Also nearby are 2 traditional martial art shops, one of the Isami stores, and of course the mecca of judo, the Kodokan. All within 5 minutes walking distance of the station.

This Japanese MILF I was dating told me a story about her old job as a translator. She had to translate for this crazy old man (ojisan) when he came to New Zealand. Ojisan was some kind of judo teacher. Mostly they went out drinking. Ojisan was all drunk and saying crazy shit like the secrets of holding a man down. She didn't think much of ojisan. I asked his name and she said Kashiwazaki.

I took her across the street to the bookstore and showed her several books and a giant deluxe dvd set with that crazy old man's picture on the front. She couldn't believe it was the same person.

(By the way, according to drunk Kashiwazaki, the secret to osaekomi is pressure points on the ankles and wrists.)

You can get great Japanese material at budovideos.com

For instance, you can get both Vital Judo books in Japanese. These books are considered the "Bible" of Judo according to my Japanese friend who is a nidan in Judo. They were available in English but go for big bucks nowadays since they're about 30 years out of print. You can also get Newaza of Kashiwazaki in Japanese.

i pretty much bought everything in Budovideo's Judo section.

the Japanese instructionals are my favorite and Kashiwazaki's set being my favorite of those.

judom are you talking about "Win by Ippon Judo Book & DVD by Toshihiko Koga"?

this one is on the way.

do you guys get these books translated or just look at the pictures?

junon, God knows what the hell it is. I can't read japanes.e. there is koga doing 3-4 throws like seio-nage and kouci and stuff.


my japanese friend gave me the one with komuro, i've seen it and its a great DVD. sode-guruma is my favorite choke and i picked up useful stuff from him. he also gave me 1 with koga, a new dvd.

thanks allcloser, any more clips available?

yeah i got Komuros DVD and was wondering if he was strictly Judo or what. hes seen competing with a purple and later a brown belt in BJJ comps.

great DVD btw.


excellent. thanks. appreciate everything you share dude.


Isao Okano's videos come out to $273. this is the only site that sells them?

he hasnt gotten back to me!