Japanese necktie still a 'popular' technique?

I'm sure people remember that Shinya Aok I vid, and soon after people would be looking for this submission all the time. In tournaments too!

I guess my point is that it seems as though the grappling community always has next week's crazy technique and it's like some weird cyclical wheel of what's in and cool and what's not Phone Post

I know it's still pretty big at a lot of 10th Planet schools. Seems like this month is Kimura month. Several years ago it was Darce, then deep half guard, recently berimbolo

After zombie submitted Garcia, every YouTube star phenom was trying the twister :( Phone Post

Still underrated, great sub

It never was. Phone Post

thats the way bjj/grappling goes...

i personally like it this way bc everyone starts to incorporate the new techniques till it becomes a hot item then it simply becomes integrated into ppls everyday techniques that expands the sport

I tried it and personally prefered darce better. But hey, whatever works for you. I don't think those gimmicky submissions ever get all that popular.

I've noticed that one cool and creative submission in like UFC or Bellator or whatever, and then everybody is obsessed with it for a few weeks Phone Post

How is it a gimmick?

liquidrob - How is it a gimmick?

Because it doesn't work as well as a darce and if you're in position for it then you can just do a darce. That's why opinion of it and that's why it didn't catch on with me.

Drysdale teaches this on his new dvd but calls it the box and adds a way to gain more pressure

Works better than darce imo. Last 2 subs in tourneys was with it. Both in advanced no gi.

Can any Blue please post any awesome videos of the neck tie Phone Post



Chris Herzog



Other random vid I found


Nam phan almost caught me in this in a tournament. Underrated and underused technique for sure. Phone Post