Japanese New Years Shows RESULTS:

...as of 5 minutes ago, according to a guy on IRC who is supposedly in Japan and watching and updating on the shows tonite:"The Pride broacast just started now, with fights starting live in 25 minutes, the K-1 show will be broadcast in 3.5 hours time, with the Inoki show starting in 2.5 hours time"...the results will be coming in soon.

The K-1 event started almost 2 hours ago, and the Inoki event started almost 1 hour ago. Where are the damn results?

*puts a pot of coffee on*

It's gonna be a long night.

about the K1 event...."the k-1 show started at 4pm Japan time, and will be shown on time delay"

Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003
1. Rene Rooze def. Tadao Yasuda
by TKO(Ref Stoppage/Punches on the ground) at 1R 0:50.

...cool, Dragonhead is going to post the updates here...I won't bother with this PITA IRC chat room. Thanks Dragonhead!!

I know that. But we can get live results of all Shooto and all Pancrase events, even though they're not shown live on TV. Why is it so difficult to get live results of these events?

Yeah! Finally!

Thanks, dragonhead!

DRAGONHEAD in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah dragonhead comes to the rescue!! Pheww!! Thanx bro.

Hmmm... I think I'll check this thread in the morning.

It'll be just like Christmas all over again.

dragonhead is the man!!

Genki/Butterbean is in K-1, not Inoki.

Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003
2. Lyoto Machida def. Rich Franklin
by KO (Left Hook) at 2R 1:03

thank you, dragonhead!

THat blows. Sucks for Rich.

tj tapper


btw. Sportsnavi isn't allowed to update the results due to it will be on tv later the evening (sponsor demand). If you were wondering why they didn't give out any results.

Franklin lost...what a bummer.