Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka

Looks like due to new posting fee rules between MLB and the nippon league he might not make it to the states until the season after this next one. Absolutely filthy


good god that thing has movement.

cfv - good god that thing has movement.

His release is so fucking tight that I don't know how you could hit any of that without a wild guess

Look how low he brings it behind his back. Ball must look like it's magically appearing by the time he releases it.

The dude is nasty no doubt. Is there any concerns about him holding up? I heard stories of him being ridiculously over worked in his youth. I'd love my Giants to make a move for him, but he's too young and promising...not Sabean's type of free agent pitcher lol.

In. Phone Post 3.0

Day After Throwing 160 Pitches, Tanaka Closes Japan Series Clincher

One day after he threw 160 pitches in a complete-game loss in Game 6 of the Japan Series on Saturday, Masahiro Tanaka went back to the mound and threw 15 more pitches to get the save in Game 7.

Tanaka, who could be the top free agent on the Major League Baseball market if he elects to leave Japan, faced five batters in the ninth inning as the Rakuten Eagles defeated the Yomiuri Giants, 3-0, on Sunday. But the 175 pitches over two days could raise alarms for some of the major league teams interested in signing him.

According to a scout who watched Tanaka pitch in the Japan Series but who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly about him, the volume of pitches is of some concern.

“I am worried about his arm,” the scout said.

Major league teams prefer to keep their pitchers on strict pitch counts and would most likely not allow someone to throw 160 pitches, and certainly not allow them to throw again the next day, for fear of injury. Japanese pitchers often throw significantly more pitches than their major league counterparts.

Well well

Report: Masahiro Tanaka to be posted

Highly touted Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka might be coming stateside after all.

After stating last week that they would not let him leave, Tanaka's current team, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in Japan, has decided to post him, making him available to Major League Baseball clubs, Asian newspaper Sponichi reported Tuesday.

Rakuten is expected to make an announcement Wednesday, Sponichi reported.

The 25-year-old right-hander went 24-0 last season with a 1.27 ERA.

A tug-of-war has ensued between the pitcher and his current team, with Tanaka publicly stating his desire to play in America and Rakuten urging him to stay.

"We told him he is very important to us and we'd like him to stay," Rakuten Eagles President Yozo Tachibana said last week following Tanaka's news conference, in which Tanaka said he informed the team he wanted them to allow him to "test his abilities" in MLB.

The New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers are among the teams said to have interest in Tanaka.

While Japanese teams were not happy with the cap on prices, some major league teams had objected that only the richest clubs could afford to bid on top players.

24-0 1.27 ERA? What in the actual fuck... is he Better than Darvish?

a lot of top spin on that ball Phone Post 3.0

cnAKA - 24-0 1.27 ERA? What in the actual fuck... is he Better than Darvish?
Yes. He's amazing. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah he's better than Darvish. His slider and split are just simply unhittable

Gritty - Yeah he's better than Darvish. His slider and split are just simply unhittable
Will make a great Yankee. Considering they have a few Japanese players already it will make transition easy. Phone Post 3.0

His fastball can be a bit too straight sometimes, but his splitter is filthy. I saw a few of his starts with Rakuten this season and he's really impressive. I'd put him either a notch below or equal to Darvish right now, but his ceiling is higher Phone Post 3.0