Japanese snake designs

I was looking at grimes site, and am interested in some japanese snake designs. I was wondeing if anyone has some photos or other pics for reference. Im trying to draw my own, but I need more info for reference. I have a few japanese tattoo books, but I need more.

Im in Tampa,Fl and was wondering for any recommendations on tattoists around here. Ive looked around, but am just curious as to what others say.

I want to get some ink, but still thinking. I can draw so it will be something I do, but as I said just want some more info.


Sorry if anyone thought I had something else to ask, but no one has anything...to help. Ive seen people post worse questions.

Thanks anyways

Wish I could help with an artist, but I do not know that area.

As for pictures to get ideas, did you try Google image search? www.google.com then click "Images" then search for them.

Hope that helped!!