Japanese Top Team...good idea?

Ok, there is a Brazilian Top Team, a Russian and American one. I haven't heard of a Japanese Top Team. If there is one then by all means correct me. Yes there is "Team Japan" that unsuccessfully stars at the Bushidos, but that isn't exactly a true team. Its just a gathering of random japanese fighters. I think it was said in a mmaweekly article that "Team Japan" should be a real team. Perhaps with team unity they will be more successful. So, I think a Japanese Top Team should be made (if there isn't one already). So what do you guys think? And who should lead it? I for one think Gomi is a forsure pick and I would love to see Genki Sudo on there. Discuss...


Enough with the Top Teams.


What top team madness? I've never seen any threads on them. What the hell!

TK,Yoshida,Yokoi and Nakamura are Judo Top Team

Yea, but its not for mma