Japanse ADCC/Roided Bolo Yeung

Results and some pic's here:


Oh and please check the pictures of some of the competitors who resemble roided up wanna be Bole Yeung's

Does tha mean Shinya Aoki is not going to ADCC?????

maybe shinya will get an invite?


Oh and please check the pictures of some of the competitors who resemble roided up wanna be Bole Yeung's

lol, Sugie is huge for -76.9


ADCC Trials Japan Final Results
Submitted by: Kid Peligro / Sr Editor
Posted On 04/15/2007

L-R: Guy Neivens with some of the winners: Ozawa, Shioda, Uematsu & promoter Mr.Takahashi

ADCC Trials Japan yielded a HOT crop of entries into the main event. With Names like Uematsu, Sugie and Okama amongst others taking first place, Japan will have one of its strongest teams in quite some time. Below are results and pictures from the trials courtesy Manabu Takashima.

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Up to 66kg

Naoya Uematsu ( Crosspoint/ JFC)

Up to 77kg

Daisuke Sugie ( ALIVE)

Up to 88kg

Yushin Okami ( Keisyukai Tokyo)

Up to 99kg

Yukiyasu Ozawa ( Team-KAZE)

Over 99kg

Naomichi Nagata ( Cobra-kai)

Women up to 55kg

Sayaka Shioda ( AACC)

Women up to 60kg

Takayo Hashi ( Keisyukai Tokyo)

Women up to 65kg

Keiko Tamai ( Tomoe-gumi)

Women over 65kg

Yoko Takahashi ( Tomoe-gumi)

Uematsu throws Tetsu


Ushin Okami

Sioda wins by heel hook


I did not even realise he is competing in the 76 kg class.

Ok seriously he is not only HUGE to that particular weight class but he is HUGE bulked up guy in overall.

Seriosly either he is really short like a midget or then he drained his blood to make weight, I dont understand how he can ever make that weight.

day before weigh in perhaps?

I heard the japanese form of injectable creatine is 10x stronger then the american version.

btw-Dont think that guy will be fighting in Las Vegas anytime soon. lol

Jeez. He's enormous.

But short

"Amazon" Sugie looks much larger than before

Wow, he got HUGE in the last two years...




Dare I say it...

Japanese must have very good selection of performance enchanging drugs for him to gain that much muscle mass in just two years and stay ripped as hell.

Even with roids that much gain is impressive :P

Impressive that Okami just fought swick and then goes to win the trials.

Sugie got a lot bigger.


Sugie usually fights at 155. In person he's not that big, just rediculously jacked. That photo just looks like he's bulked up to compete at 76 kgs.