Jardine to Middle Weight?


He's going no where as a LHW.

He has nothing to lose.

But can he do it?

He doesn't look like the biggest guy.

Good point. But MW's don't hit as hard.

 yeah he's too big for the 185

He Will Take out the Spider!!!!!

wait wtf

M Bison - What's the point? It's his chin that's the problem.


MW is tougher than LHW anyway.

if he losses to Hammil this weekend, he should be cut IMO. Losing streak would be 4 straight and lost 5 of his last 6.

FSTYLE - Good point. But MW's don't hit as hard.

He'd get ko'd by Anderson, Vitor, Nate Marquardt,Jorge Santiago,Jorge Rivera, hell even Leben and Sakara

No chance he'll go to MW.

 He can stay at LHW cause he'll be out of the UFC after this next fight.

grachuss - Moving to middle weight won't help him keep his fucking hands up.


 I think he would actually do a lot better at middleweight, but I tihnk he is too big for it. LHW is stacked with power strikers. MW has some too, but not quite as many. He often is beating his opponents before he gets KOd.

For example, his last fight with Bader he lost the first round, won the second and was doing well in the 3rd until the KO

In his fight vs Rampage, before the late knockdown the scorecards were very close according the judges.

If Jardine had a better chin, he would have a lot more wins. Guys seem to have trouble with his style

Why not?? I'm sure there are some 185'ers that could use a highlight reel KO for their resume.