Jardine vs Rampage

Jardine vs Rampage: Jardine gets a shot at the title, would make a good

Chuck vs Silva: Just because everyone wants to se it happen

Forrest vs Henderson: Forrest vs Henderson for a shot at winner of
Jardine vs Rampage.

Shogun Vs Tito: To see who is out of the LHW

interesting matchups IMO, any thoughts?

Maybe Forrest vs Houston

or Henderson vs Jardine

or Tito vs Houston

Man.... this division is stacked....

...okay....no-one gives a shit... this thread officially sucks

Does anyone see Jardine Vs Forest II on the horizon now? Winner gets a shot at Rampage?

Jardine vs Forrest would be unlikely without Jardine getting a shot at
either Rampage or Henderson....

Jardine vs Henderson would be mad...

I still think Chuck vs Silva is the fight the fans want to see regardless of
the loss to Jardine. Jardine vs Wand does not have the same attraction...

jardine by flying heelhook in 07, the year of MMAOS


Imagine if Cro Cop dropped down to LHW now???

What about Machida vs Jardine?

jft is correct machida vs jardine winner gets page, forrest vs alexander winner gets whoever wins title, and chuck silva should still happen

shogun is too small needs to drop and fight martin