Jared Allen on the trading block

It sure is going to suck to be a Chiefs fan this year:

Did not see this anywhere:

Allen, the NFL's reigning sack leader, told FOXSports.com that the Vikings and Buccaneers have held trade talks with the Chiefs and he anticipates a deal will get done prior to next week's draft.

"It's a situation that works out best for both sides," Allen told FOXSports.com. "I can go to a team that is competing for a championship right now. The Chiefs can get valuable draft picks to rebuild with."

Allen said he is flying to Minnesota and has a visit set up with the Vikings by this weekend. He is tentatively scheduled to meet with Tampa Bay next week. The Jacksonville Jaguars had previously inquired with Allen's camp as well.

The Pro Bowl defensive end is the Chiefs' franchise player, but re-signing in Kansas City will be a problem as the team is looking to stockpile draft picks.

Allen said the two sticking points are working out terms of a deal with a new team and the Chiefs agreeing to compensation for a trade. A package of first- and second-round picks or one of first- and third-round picks in the upcoming draft have been discussed as possible terms. It's unclear at this point what it will take to get the deal done.

Allen, a four-year veteran, led the league in sacks in 2007 with 15.5 and has 13 forced fumbles in the past three seasons.

 If he goes to Minnesota, that D-line is scary.

I know, both the OL and DL would be among the best in the NFL and in a game that is won in the trenches that is BAD news for any team on their schedule. Like the Texans :-(

 The only thing that will hold them back is colour of their QB.

And that's not racist, it's fact.  Tavares Jackson does not equal Doug Williams.

They still may make a draft day trade for Sage who would be excellent behind that OL and running game. They scare me :(

 One bright spot for the Chiefs is/was their DE tandem, Allen and Hali.  Having a couple balanced every-down DE's is a luxury

 They are following the Jags model of being able to play winter "playoff" football despite playing in a dome/warm climate.

 The Vikings will overpay for Allen (give up too many picks & pay too much money to him) and still be a mediocre team.

Its really to bad. I would have loved to see Allen, Dorsey, Hali and Boone line up on 3rd down. I think they would be a very dangerous front 4.

The Allen trade was just completed in return for the Vikings 1st (17th overall), and 2 of their 3rd round picks.

As if there wasn't enough holes on this team already, now we give up the best player we have outside of Tony Gonzalez and create another void, on the plus side I think its 13 draft picks we have now, 2 in the first round, 3 in the third. Already had the 5th pick overall and 10 picks total, IMO we should have just paid the man & made him happy, 26 year old animal, Minnesota will be good next year.

End of last season the last person Chiefs fans thought would be gone would be Jared Allen & he has been my favorite Chief for a long time. A few months ago he opened a restaurant in Kansas City & we all thought he would be here for a long time until this off season.

Your going to see a very young & rebuilding Chiefs team, and a chance of KC taking Chris Long if he is around at #5, making essentially all the mock drafts out there now completely skewed.

 Too bad about losing a top 5 pass rusher.  He had some off the field issues and the Chiefs can stockpile more.  The more I think about it the more I like it for the chiefs. 

Now goddam Allen is gonna be piledriving Rex Grossman/Kyle Orton/Joe Schmoe at will at least two games a year

Making him the highest paid defensive player in the league was questionable to me, until I realized that the deal is only slightly higher in average value to Jake Longs. Good move for Vikings. Why pay an unestablished guy superstar money when you can pay the league leader in sacks superstar money?


Chiefs lose their best player but get more ammo to rebuild. That shows a lot of confidence in their scouting department and HERM.

Not that I have any confidence at all in HERM...

Another guy, like Marvin Lewis, that was supposed to be the guy to turn the team around....and the team ended up worse.

If they were white, they wouldn't have jobs.  If Mangina has another sub .500 year with the Jets, you know he's getting bounced.

BigKiller -

If they were white, they wouldn't have jobs.


Art Shell and his archaic system was bounced after one year

Dirt - 

Art Shell and his archaic system was bounced after one year

  Herm and Marvin still get mentioned as "good coaches" though.