JASON BLACK gets called out!

this weekend at TKO in canada jonathan goulet said he would like to fight black at an up coming TKO event. Goulet is 10-5 and is on an impressive win streak, he has greatly improved since early on in his career and I think this would be a good fight for his career and a tough fight for black.

It could happen... up to the promoter.

Black fought forusin june...great fighter. Monte, Jason....do it!!!

Black is a top 5 ww, Goulet is tough but black would take him.

When's Black gonna get his shot in the big shows?


Black would chew him up, and grind him into a fine powder....

Im gonna agree with JHR on this one Black is one tough SOB

IMO Black is too much for Goulet.

Always bet on Black

Jason is real tough, would be a great fight for Jason.

I would like that fight as well.

Always bet Black!!!!