Jason Black or Shonie Carter?

Who do you guys like in the KOTC tonight?

Shonie is a crafty veteran but i think we will see Jason Black turn up the intensity tonight in the main event. I'm going with Black by submission, possibly TKO.

check out mmaweekly: "hungry and undefeated"


Black by sub

Black RNC rd. 1

i see black working the gnp but losing via shank to
the ribs by one of shonie's beeotches

Black by North/South choke.

jason and shonie will put on a great show!

what weight are they fighting at?


fighting at 170

Don't count Shonnie out, he's still good enough to beat a top ten WW on any given night.

Hawkeyefan is correct!!! :)

"Hawkeyefan is correct!!! :)"

Thanks, bro, but that goes without saying!!!



Always bet on black.

Jason Black North/South choke

jason by south/north choke

Alright, maybe I don't know my head from my ass, but I'm picking Shonnie.

Black will make Shonie wish he was wearing his cup on his head

Black TKO round 1

Shonie thinks he deserves big paydays because he dresses up like a pimp and uses colorful smack talk. I hope Jason shows him that winners win due to fighting skill not ring pizazz. Black, TKO, round two.