Jason Chambers fight footage

does anyone have any footage of my fights from the follwoing events?

The Jeet Kune Do Challenge

The Total Combat Challenge (Battle of the Badges)

Total Fight Challenge

Sherdog has my record at 6-2 (should be 15-3) but they do not have the majority of my wins up there.

If anyone could help that would be great.

Not sure of the dates 1998-2001ish all in Chicago



Hey Jason,
What belt in BJJ do you have from Eddie? My guy Tim Carey is Scheduled to fight Ray Elbe on Sunday but Ray will not confirm for some reason. Tim is 4-1 with and has been training 1 year. we don't have near the experience you have but we have been training hard and getting ready for Sunday and we might need to find another match.

Pounders Fight Center

jason did you lose the ones that i gave you

I'd be interested in the JKD challenge tapes as well, though I don't believe they were filmed.


I am a Brown Belt in Jiu-jits/

Yes i did/

I think you're right