JASON CHAMBERS highlight video!!!!

Are there any promoters out there that want to match up their best 170 pounder with my boy??????????

This is Jason Chambers, 10thPJJ brown belt, 15-3-1:


contact me at twisterbravo@sbcglobal.net

hey Eddie what is your URL for your website..... ?

He just posted it above


never mind i found it -------thetwister.tv------
p.s. nice video !! id likie to train (learn) with you guy's

Awesome video! Jason looks tough!


Anyone know what codec you need to play this clip? It won't play in my Windows Media Player.

I couldn't play it either.

He looks like a pussy. I weigh 170 after 2 beers and a plate of chicken wings. I would kick his ass drunk.

By the way I can't see the video. Codec error or sumfin like dat.



robf - yeah, it is a muay thai and boxing gym...



Awesome video.... loved the twister side mount to taking the back and sinking the choke.

It is not working for me either.


download Real Player and it should play for you guys.

Ed Doty said that he encoded it with Quicktime on another thread. Try that first or reload the MP4 codec for your Win Media player.