Jason Chambers HL Video Question

What song was used in the Video. Jason game looks slick, he will definitely be someone to look out for!

Jason is the shit.


I think it was from the "Blade" Movie soundtrack, not sure though; it was put together by a friend.


Dam dude-

You should be my manager!lol


hey jase... can I see a copy of your highlight tape? Bring it home with you when you come!

Jason who is your current manager?

Eddie Bravo for Jiu Jitsu
Joe Goytia for Boxing

Joe , Eddie and Myself all set up my fights.

Not a definative "manager" position though.


link for the vid?

Hi Jason. Saludos desde Tijuana, Mexico.
There was a post titled Bravo┬┤s Brown Belt wins...
could you send that link and the one to your highlight to me if you have it. Email: kronos1@telnor.net

All the best and say hi to Eddie for me please.


there ya go!