Jason Chambers Joins American Top Team!!

I cant wait til he comes down for 6-8 weeks at a time. We gonna kick his pretty boy ass all over the mat. Welcome Brotha

I support Din Thomas...

...and ATT!!!

Good choice Jason, ATT is a great team, and Florida is a great place.

 Maybe we will see some ATT guys flexing some rubberguard in the future.

^^^^ I would hope so ^^^^^

 Maybe you should teach a few nogi classes at the main camp!  ;)


Congrats, Jason Chambers and good luck with your MMA career.

Din who?

His bjj will increase by leaps and bounds there.

TTT- for 10th planet and ATT !!


Does ATT have a champ in some major org?

 Din wants himself some Man Candy.......Eeeewwwww!!!!!

"If ATT wasn't the best, they wouldn't go there"

Well I remember ALOT of people way before Jason who left their gyms to go there. The point is, if those people all stayed at their current places and helped build them, there could be some other great places too.

For example, lets say 3 top guys from one gym bail to go to att, and then 3 more from another, etc..The gyms they left lose their ability to ever get to the point of an ATT because their top guys leave and are not there to help with the next gen.

..so what you're sayin is.. ATT can start fires.. with their thoughts?

 ATT trains.........errr..........Recruits the best fighers.


Wow.........I haven't been banned for that comment? Yet.

ATT has some of the best instructors in the world teaching there, thats one of the reasons they are a great team.