Jason chambers pulls gun on robber

Sorry of its been posted but no search on phone


Anyone know what the aftermath is
Also doesn't he post here and if so is he the mod Jason Phone Post


Guy pulls a gun to rob my buddy and I , while selling my Ipad2. I pulled my Glock. Cops here now. 

tulistooth - who pulls a gun to get an ipad 2.

fake tweet and fake pic

The way people are now ready to pull guns at any second it doesn't surprise me

there's grown men killing kids for there shoes out here in miami (its florida ya i know) let alone an ipad Phone Post

There are two Mods named Jason here.This Jason is not the Administrator.

Think of the show Human Weapon.

People get robbed meeting up to sell stuff from Craigslist all the time. Especial iphones and electronics.

Armed robbery should be like 10 years minimum.