Jason Chambers pulls off twister!!

Congratulations to my brown belt, Jason Chambers for pulling off the
3rd twister in mma history Saturday night in Chicago.

God job Chambers, and Eddie W. You 2 looked good...Great Job.



Can't wait to see the video.


Go Jaaaaaaaaaason!

I was looking all over for a thread on your fight last night. Happy to see that not only did you win, but you won by Twister. Awesome. Now maybe if you can return a phone call. Douche. : )

Great job!!!

dead good, congratulations!

The thread title could be interpreted in a rather unfortunate way though.

Sweet! Congrats

ttt for footage!

We all have rank. Would you prefer if he said brown t-shirt?

brown shirt for those that know history isn't such a good thing.

We all have rank.

Some of us are a bit more rank than others. A little soap and hot water does wonders.

Congratulations Jason. I predict a Scorpion Deathlock submission victory for your next match.

he grabbed a fat woman's tit? how'd he get that close to her to pull that move off, without flirting?

Jason's twister highlights will soon be viewable at AttackMode.tv

Congrats again J!



I was at the fights last night. They were actually in Hammond IN. When he caught his opponent in the twister, most of the crowd was stunned. They had no idea what happened.

jason pulled it off and did it in 2:18 seconds of the first round

what does the twister actually do? ive heard of it alot but im not sure what it does

It hurts... a lot.

i figured that being i watched the guy submit

CONGRATS!!! how did Epstein do?