Jason Chambers Support Thread: Petiton....

(I thought I'd Keep this between the paying members and the pros, anyways back to the thread)

This is fucking ridiculous. The amount of butt hurt in this (http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum_framed.posts&thread=1520015) thread is dumb founding.

RIG, you're a fucking terrorist, you make threats to get what you want. You hate America, and you called someone a faggot. So you are a faggot hating terrorist.

I support Jason Chambers





 kick heees ass Jason!!!


Faggots are cool too, as long as they stay away from meh cack.

ttt for support!

Someone removed RIG's post, LMAO.

Should we post a thread making ridiculous demands threatening to give up our bluenames?!!?!

 rig is gone


LOL, did someone freeze or ban him?

 all his posts are gone

he was poppin off in another thread to crooky and just kept stepping it up. he WANTED to get teh ban so he could have some rightous indignation.

he is an idiot, but i don't think he should be banned, just froze for a bit till he cools off. but then again i didn't see what actually got him in trouble and i won't miss him.

 Plus he posted a picture of someone who didnt want it posted.. I believe... therefor.... (poof) 

I was on the other thread, I saw him poppin' off to crook. Oh well, maybe next time he'll learn not to cry so much. We were just having some fun with the muds, no need to get a sandy vag.

Sings/ Cause Im PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! Where at least I know Im free....


Why do you hate America?!?!!?

Scott Epstein - i still hate jason

Wait till you come back to 10th planet...ill make you hate me even more.