Jason Chambers - Rick-

Who is the friend you know? email me

 Email sent!<!--Session data-->

Dont go to the ground with spence, he is a black belt

bigwignj - Dont go to the ground with spence, he is a black belt

I believe hes a purple belt

 In this corner he is a former mixed martial arts  fighter. He was the co-host of a weekly television program Human Weapon on The History Channel during its run from July 20, 2007, to August 28, 2008, and he currently provides the English commentary for Bellator Fighting Championships' English broadcast together with Jon Anik. He is a Jeet Kune Do concepts instructor and has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Eddie Bravo, This is Jason Chambers!!!!

In this corner he is an American television personality known for his role as the antagonistic husband of Heidi Montag on MTV's The Hills. He is the older brother of Stephanie Pratt, who also appears on The Hills......yeah thats it, this is Spencer Pratt!!!! Oh and he is a self proclaimed purple belt.

We'll wait till I hear from Pratt tonight, my friend gets off @ 8 and is coming straight over.

He wants to be the first to break the news.<!--Session data-->


What weight are you whipping that ass at?

jason please do not entertain this match

do not let him in

 This would be sick.

I hope Pratt doesn't back out. DREAM will probably have to pay him truckloads for the fight.

 after having my wife clog the airwaves with whatever show that fool is on id be happy to pay $ to watch him get his ass handed to him

 I hate to be so petty but this spencer guy and dudes like him in nearby scottsdale arizona and that ive met in vegas might be my pet peeve for all time.

Not a tough one to crack. Good luck, Jason!

Whoa- dude is claiming Black Belt BJJ? hmmm...

 to a baldwin no less

This could be EPIC, JC. Do me a favor, and give him a few low blow so he can't reproduce.

Also, RS is one of the most informed individuals on the site. Didn't you break the Carano news here, RS?

 if Baldwins were = to Gracies

who would be who?

Royce = (dude from Sliver)

Rickson = Alec?

and so on?


need to get a life?

..yeah, need to get a life

Mr. Chambers..

Bodybag. Put him in.

Jason-I know you have been pretty busy lately, being a glamorous hollywood type & all. How much time have you been able to put into training?

We all know you can take him, but it would be better if this was an actual death in the cage. could catapult your career to the next level-MM


I will gladly pay to see this. Jason, make this happen...

GIJOEjiujitsu - btw iam a legit purple under Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti and spencer tools me when we roll.

 say it isnt so joe