Jason Delucia a Blue Belt?

I keep hearing a rumor that in between Jason Delucia's fight with Royce in the dojo and their match in the UFC, Delucia had been feverishly studying groundwork and had got a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and it was because he had a blue belt from the Carlson/Sperry branch of the art that Royce took extra special care to snap his arm. Is this true or another one of those wacky fight stories that circulate around here from time to time?

Thanks for the clarification, William. I guess we can consider this myth busted.

PS: He didn't have a break from that armbar? Does five animal kung fu give you rubber joints or something?

there's no way that his arm wasn't popped by royce, no way. you can tell by the way he screams in pain and taps like a maniac that his arm was getting torqued.

"wacky rumor. he didnt get his arm snapped, despite popular opinion. i interviewed him at length about this show. of course im sure any who insist he got his arm broke can provide medical proof."

LOL @ 5 Posts later some disputing this already..

My theory is that Delucia's elbow got hyperextended, but there wasn't a break...I saw something similar happen in the first grappling tournament I ever attended, a guy decided he wasn't going to tap with his girlfriend watching and his elbow made some of the sickest popping sounds I have ever heard, he had to be carried off the mats to the emergency room, but was back in class about a week later.