Jason MacDonald

I am a Canadian and I reside south of Edmonton in the rival city of CAlgary. But this guy has caught my eye, maybe I missed the threads on him. But I want to see what the word was on this guy, what people thought I mean he has two first round tap outs in his UFC Debuts.

Leben wasn't first round... but still an impressive victory

two problems with MacDonald... one, his standup is akward.

Two...he doesn't know how to correctly pronounce the letter "O"

Other than that I like him...he seriously needs to work on his hands with guys like Swick, Franklin, Silva in the divison though...also wouldn't hurt for guys he can't handle on the ground like Lister and Lutter.

At the same time he proved he could take a punch or two with Lebens bricks for hands hitting in the last fight. What MacDonald did to a striker like Leben on Saturday by clenching him and looking for the takedown, is what Ortiz needed to do to Lidell instead of his shitty attempts at a couple of takedowns and I believe he only accomplished it once. It s the same way Couture did it to Lidell! Anyways I think one he is a young guy with obviously alot of potential but as many of you have pointed out he lacks in the striking department. To be a Champion he has to have a well rounded game with more then one Weapon in his arsenal. If he learned Muay Thai with his longer frame he d have wicked reach and the ability to take to the ground with the BJJ.

you "clench" your teeth. you "clinch" another fighter. clench. clinch. clench. clinch.

Dude is awesome

his ground game is good enough. he should just focus on his striking, and go out and train with Mike Miles who is in his own backyard and runs an awesome Muay Thai school.

They should set up a rematch with either Kalib Starnes or Patrick Cote. If
he loses you've got a reality show star back in the mix and if he wins
you've got a serious contender for the belt. It's a win/win for Zuffa.

I am just so happy that Leben lost to him.

Go J Mac!

ttt for the athlete

Keep bringing him back UFC