Jason MacDonaldvsChris Leben (VID)


Leben is a good sprawl and brawler with heavy-hands. Anyone who fights him may look subpar in the takedown and striking department. That said, MacDonald still needs to concentrate on those things, because his jits is pristine at this point.

Still a great fight. Mac has skillz. Leben can throw a heavy punch. Hairdews gotta go.

Rogan was lost in this fight.

Very entertaining fight. I was just disappointed that MacDonald footstomped the FOOTSTOMPER.

that looked like the type of guillotine that would tear someone's head off

What's going on with Leben? Didn't look like himself. Literally and figuratively.

TotalJerkface has french revolutioned the correct.

Leben looked like a giraffe in that thing.

E.T. Neck imo

yeah canada!

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