Jason Maxwell Japan bound again!

I hear Jason Maxwell is going to be returning to Japan to fight in the RZT tournament for the alternate spot. If this is true, I just want to wish him luck even though he does not need it!Maybe this time things will go better in all aspects for Maxwell in Japan. Enough of the nice talk cause we all know Maxwell will be delivering a Texas size beating to who ever steps up to him in Japan!


Thanx Sam

ttt for TT

Hell yeah kick some ass Jason....}

good luck.

It's ZST not RZT

he's a very good very heavy handed fighter with a victory over jens and a tough fight against ludwig


Who is he, IM kinda in shock somebody could say that after the KO over Jens but then again it wasnt in the UFC so I guess some might not know....

This really has to change people will be amazed at his skill once he hits the big time....

Go Jason..



ah how cute, jason has his own fan club president.


Good luck Jason.

Thanks guys for all your support i promise to fight my best this time..JMax


Hey Jason,

Will you be coming down with Alan Woods for the KINGS show in Jan.? If so we'll see you there.

Rob Braniff