Jason “Mayhem” Miller releases statement


I wish him well. His demons have put him in bad place after bad place.


“Sorry I’m a fuckup”?

Church is no place for a naked man!

…unless there are alter boys involved!

Hasn’t he released multiple similar apologies before?

I was gonna ask the same thing. If you have to do these a bunch of times, youre not being sincere

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For sure.

seems sincere. should have left out the “perhaps i can inspire others” bit, shouldnt be saying that until you have years into your sobriety/recovery imo, its a common pitfall tho.

Sounds like its still not his fault, its other people lying, the pandemic, addiction, its not him hes just a victim in all this!

I dont think you can necessarily tell which time the lessons are going to stick, so all you can hope is that `this time its for real and lasts, or at least lasts a lot longer. Best of luck to him. I think he said the right things.

Best Wishes Mayhem!

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I have a lot of experience with addiction. Words mean nothing. Show it with your actions. The amount of times I have been apologized to or told things were going to be different are countless.

And at the risk of sounding completely unsympathetic, I’m tired of public apologies. It’s PR, not real healing.

I hope the best for him, honestly. Just walk the walk and prove it.


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He needs good friends and support in life

I almost bnaged this chubby chick that said she was mayhems sister on POF years ago… She was probably lying but wished I followed up just to see if she was full of shit.

She’s was/is from milford nh

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Dude you should have porked Mayhem’s sister, than he could walk in on you two and urinate on you it’s a 2 for 1 win/win.

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Then we can both break into a church and cry

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He could be a professional apology writer

Good luck kid.

I wish you the best.


Hate to see it. However, this feels familiar. Has he released one or two of these before?