Jason Miller working for Bellator

I have seen Jason twice on different Bellator promos. In all the years I have watched him this is the most lucid he has ever been.
Granted they are edited sentences but he never seemed serious ever.
Maybe he is on meds

Good luck to him because like many other I all but gave up on him

Good for him, if he in fact has really pulled it together. Phone Post 3.0

that's awesome, good for him. i hope he changes his life around, i need a little changing too

I thought he signed with WSOF? Phone Post 3.0

aimed with V - working as a fighter? Or just does some kind of PR?
PR would be perfect for him Phone Post 3.0

Seriously curious with what has happened to this guy. His opportunities hath overfloweth Phone Post 3.0

That's awesome. I'm happy for him. I love Uncle Mayhem, and I hope he stays on the right path.

im glad , really always liked Mayjay as a good dude ive met several times !!

Jesus KO'd stayrad - The only real answers should be BJ and chuck Phone Post 3.0

BJ Penn generated a big amount of dislike in his prime.

He had many interviews and pre- post- fight speeches that got him labeled as arrogant, egomaniac.
He has made some negative impression in a TUF season against Pulver, and him choking Pulver out (questionably unnecessary?) didn't look any better.

The second fight with St. Pierre put out some very not nice comments from BJ about his opponent, mocking GSP.
Then the fight itself, with "to the death!", and then quitting on the stool.
And as if that wasn't enough, the whole "greasegate" scandal, which was started by Penn himself.

BJ definitely wasn't "universally loved" during his career...