Jason Pearce & staph...

I'm guessing he's the one that won't be fighting...I've had the staph a couple of times & it f-ing hurts! I've had to have a couple of ones on my leg cut out...the first time I got it I couldn't walk for a couple of days...sucks for Jason; I'm assuming it's him that gets sidelined...what say you?

Pierce...sorry about that.

 ive had it too but i didnt feel all that bad til it blew up giant. his doesnt look that bad and hes already on meds...


& the BLAF sees it our way as well...

RC Gogo - He obviously doesn't want to be a fucking fighter.

against faulkner, i think all possibilities are going to lose. he DID earn his way on the show, i think ya let him fight.

he doesnt wanna fight.He would have said please let me fight.Anyone but my friend though.He didnt want to figth his crush

WTF? Dude finishes his opponent in round two and The Dana jerks him off the show?

That's highly fucked up, IMO.

You fight who you have to fight though, basically he's using the friend bullshit as an excuse to cover up for being a total bitch. Your a fighter you fight.

^ True, but nothing worse then poser's who act like fighters.

 Fuck that negative nancy. He didn't want to fight and wanted an easy out.