Jason Reinhardt does facials

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                                Jason Reinhardt does facials

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The ufc is the greatest organization in the world who truly cares about their warriors! I am finally getting the best of the best medical attention I've needed for the last 10 yrs. And that's no joke. 10 solid yrs!!!!

I am feeling better and better as each day passes. I cannot believe I have very little middle/lower back pain anymore. The skies the limit now. Vegas, here I come full force and ready to take on the world!!!

I cannot express to each and every fan, how truly gratefull, honored, and appreciative I am for all your unconditional support!! I wish I could give each of you a huge hug! Im not jokin

And yes, your walls are about to be flooded. Lol. Seriously, be friend me if I bug you. Im sure I do, some. It's my wall, @ i will do as I please will my wall. Many friends tell me and message me daily saying they love my crazy ass!!! Much @ respect to all. (Especially the ones who deserve it)

Yes..this ufc fighter does mud facials. This morning, chocolaye masque to be exact! So start your flamin'

You girls can appreciate my Mudd facials, right? Shouldn't every guy do them? Lol

Now, is anyone convinced I truly don't care what others think? For crying out loud I showed all the guys jason reinhardt does facials. Lol yes, to keep away the wrinkles. Now all I need is my nose put back together and s hair transplant and im good to go!! Lol

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Money shot.................I Keed I keed Phone Post

funny guy

im a reinhardt fan, the dude hulks out and goes hard every fight, never been to a decision, imo he goes too hard/reckless for his own good against the ufc caliber opponents who can capitalize on openings alot more easily. i think he could do well if he slowed his game down and gave his opponents a little bit more respect.

is he training with wanderlai now?

He goes overboard on the staredowns at the weigh-ins. Like a guy with little-man syndrome.

wrestle now, you are so right! Thank you! the sport is changing so damn fast but i'm doing good, improving daily to keep up with it. i really am. what sucks is, nobody gets to see how well i do in training and how my conditioning is awesome, and how hard i train. nobody gets to see that. they just get to see me fucking lose 3 times now in the UFC, which blows. i hate when people say, "ya, but the 1st 2 fights were way out of your weight class" i hate excuses. i lost fair and square. end of story. i will be back in that cage, somewhere, somehow, fighting in this world though. This is do know. I will not give up unti i am satisfied, and can live with myself. Right now, i'm having a hard time living with myself, because i let so many people down. i know in my heart of hearts i can compete at whatever level. i've sacrificed EVERYTHING for fighting, just like any guy taking this seriously. (as they should)
By the way, it doesn't matter how good you do in the gym, what matters is fight night, right?of course. And yes, i'm with wand fight team and i love the place. i love the people. the coaches. actually, i love it so much, i am picking up, and moving my family there. just give me 1 year. I'm improving daily. thank you for the support! i liked your input.