Jason Reinhardt Speaks on UFC 63

Jason Reinhardt released a statement to me about him having to pull out of UFC 63 due to injury. It's a good read. You can check it out here:


Outspoken character , but I feel for him on this flat tire on the road of life. You could tell he really wanted it. Hope he gets another shot just for his sake.


Kenny, i guarantee you won't be yawning when you see me fight in the future my friend. thanks for reading the article though. lol Jason Reinhardt

ttt for a true inspiration, my friend JASON "MR. INTENSITY" REINHARDT :)

Hope all goes well in your recovery, Jason. Looking fwd to when you get the call next time. Hope to see you next wk @ the gym.



Jason will be back in action taking his shot again. He prepares for his fights and fights to get prepared. This is an unfortunate turn of events for him but he will be in the UFC soon. GO JASON!!!!