Jason Reinhardt vs. Jeremy Bolt

I respect Jeremy and all his accomplishments, and think he is a cool guy. Promoters keep asking me about this fight with Jeremy. I know it would be exciting, paced crazy fight with neither of us giving up. What do you guys think? I know Jeremy is dealing with some injuries right now as i am, but i think we both would like to see this happen and get some recognition for it, and exposure, in the US, for our weight class. Try to have someone set this fight up in King of the Cage Pay Per View! That would be awesome. If we do it, let's at least be recognized for our hard work in a big show! Much respect to Jeremy, and this is in no way calling him out! I respect him and think he is a great and exciting fighter. He's beat some respected names, been around a long time, and faught in Japan and did very good. Let's make this happen eventually in a big show! Jason Reinhardt

Do you guys think this would be a good fight??

I think your ass should be in bed you little crazy shit. I think you would win cause "I love you man". How's the family? I would like to come train sometime.:)

I met JEremy when he cornered Tom Kirk against Clementi. Nice guy.

I also met your brother when he cornered Laverne against Guillard.

I'll go w/ Reinhardt!


Me too, Mike C!

Gotta go with Bolt in this one, the guy finds a way to win. Plus I've never seen Bolt in a boring fight so promoters might be wise to set this bout up.

I have seen a few tapes on bolt and saw Reindhardt fight once live.

I look at it this way, I think that JR might want to take a step up locally with the people he fights before taking a big one like JB. It would help shake off some of the cob webs as well as get him back into the rhythem of fighting next level guys again.

I would like to see JR fight one of the following

Jim Bruketta

I think a win over one of those guys would be a good build up for the fight against Jeremy. Regardless I would be there front row in order to see these two go at it.


I might also add that Jay Estrada is fighting at 145lbs as well, that would be another good fight for you as well.

that would be a GREAT fight

Bolt is a tough dude

Jason, I had mentioned to Bolt before about this match. No offense but I won't be wearing the shirt you gave me. I would like to see this one....
Tony Ross
Integrated Fighting

Bolt is alot sweeter. Although Jason's brother is pretty nice.

Thanks Pinky! I would love for King of the Cage to put our weight class on T.V. I think they are going to be very impressed at the turnout for their Nov. 20th fight back in my hometown. Hopefully I can get the cob webs out, get past Stonnie Dennis and build a good relationship with King of the Cage. Jason and I would be an action packed fight perfect for pay per view fans. No boring fights here, just 2 little guys swinging for the fences!