Jason St. Louis: Good Luck


The Magnuson crew wishes you the best of luck this weekend in your UGC fight. You will be great. Have some fun :)

ttt... go st.louis


ttt for sumosamurai


man Jay do you ever stop, Good Luck...we all know you'll do great.

Jason has been known to beat up two opponents in ONE night. First opponent was mounted and pounded silly, second was dropped by a nasty leg kick. Neither fight went longer than a couple of minutes, if I recall properly. The American audience was impressed, to say the least!

All the best Jason and Brocky Balboa! Kick ass!


St.louis will most definately kick some ASS

Get ready St-Louis, it's airport wrestling time. This time you will go down when I slam you into baggage carousel D6. There'll be no flight attendants to save you this time. And posing as a pilot and picking up a small child for protection will do you no good either. The day of reckoning is upon you.


If you survive the airport attack, Good luck against your other opponent.



Top for St.Louis


Good luck bro!

Go get him Jason!!!

Do it for Johnny man.... Do it for Johnny!!!