Jason Thacker?

Does anyone know or train with this guy. Is he really a MMA fighter. I've never heard of him nor can I find any info of him whatsover. You would think that they could have found a better Canadian to throw in there. Kind of pisses me off that he is in ther. If they needed a sacraficial lamb they could have used me instead, at least i train sometimes.

btw, the kid had no balls. Even though I know leben would kick the shit out of me, I would have done something to save face after being taunted and having bmy bed pissed on. If leben pissed on my pillow, you bet that around 4 o'clock in the morning I would have gone to the garage, gotten myself a crowbar and smashed lebens knees in half. Go out in a b laze of glory. Dana should have put me on that show. I know what TV like to see.

I don't know about the crowbar, but a 3 AM revenge spritzing on Leben's head would have made for great TV.

I may have missed something but i thought this guy was in the other room when Leben pissed on his bed (which was a totall shitty thing to do. Does Thacker know his bed has been pissed in at this point in the show?


Nope he didn't. Dana said yesterday that Thacker didn't find out until he watched the show on monday.

I would have felt it and smelt it. Crowbar beating would be called for.

"I'm sure he would've done something if he knew."

well if you notice, he didn't get his pillow back when he noticed it missing (they may have not shown some stuff of course on the show)

yeah...if he knew his bed was pissed on he probably would have slept on the couch

I can relate to Thacker a bit. I have been in situations where I didn't stick up for myself without really understanding why I didn't. Everyone's brains and instincts are different.

Everybody in Canada is just a little upset that this guy was picked for the show. No one knows who he is, where he trained or who he fought. There were other legit fighters that tried out for the show.

its hard to figure out... he definately doesnt seem to have the mindset of an elite MMA fighter

dsc166 is correct. I would love to have witnessed the selection process.

funny stuff.

he has secret pics of dana white and baroni maybe


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