Jason White not a good pro-why?

I see a lot of sports shows and some radio saying that Jason White will never be an nfl quarterback.

Do these guys know something I don't? I'm confused. Jason White doesn't have a great arm, but he's been a good enough quarterback in college to win a heisman and be in contention for another. Surely that has to mean something.

Are NFL coaches/scouts really so focused just on arm strength? Why is the concept of Jason White playing in the nfl so unreasonable? He's accurate, tough, and smart.

He's basically a right-handed clone of his predecessor, Josh Heupel IMO. Not very mobile, arm strength so-so. Injury history does not help him either.

He'll be an NFL quarterback, but never a ProBowler. Maybe never a starter for a decent team. Heupel was nearly as effective in college running that system, and was drafted late and never made a roster.

"but he's been a good enough quarterback in college to win a heisman and be in contention for another. Surely that has to mean something."

History tells us that it, in fact, means nothing. Gino Torretta, Andre Ware, Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, etc.

Eddie just took home the hardware, but never flourished in the pro league of the correct.


Jason White's biggest fan

Don't get me wrong, I like what he's doing in the college game, and he's great in that offense, but I just don't think he'll be suited for the pro game. The Heisman is almost a curse as far as pro ball goes, to be honest. Look up the last 12 or so Heisman winners, and figure out how many Pro Bowls they combined for. I would bet the number is less than, say........7?

Eddie George? Charles Woodson?

Okay, that's two guys. How many Pro Bowls combined? I couldn't tell you for sure.

Neither are QBs, although they've both had very good pro careers.

Todd, you asked for it!

2003 Jason White 18 Quarterback Oklahoma

2002 Carson Palmer 3 Quarterback USC

2001 Eric Crouch 7 Quarterback Nebraska

2000 Chris Weinke 16 Quarterback Florida State

1999 Ron Dayne 33 Tailback Wisconsin

1998 Ricky Williams 34 Tailback Texas

1997 Charles Woodson 2 Cornerback Michigan

1996 Danny Wuerffel 7 Quarterback Florida

1995 Eddie George 27 Running Back Ohio St

1994 Rashaan Salaam 19 Running Back Colorado

1993 Charlie Ward 17 Quarterback Florida St

1992 Gino Torretta 13 Quarterback Miami Fla

1991 Desmond Howard 21 Wide Receiver Michigan

1990 Ty Detmer 14 Quarterback BYU

1989 Andre Ware 11 Quarterback Houston

of the top qb's that will be eligible to be drafted this year Greene will have the best pro career as a career second stringer.

there are a few underclassmen that could have big nfl careers though.

as to white.

zero arm strength. making passing descisions reading man to man defenses designed to stop the run with 8 men in the box is alot easier than reading a prodefense. and would be comparable to making fries at mcdonalds and working at a top flight new york city restraunt

The same arguments were used against Ken Dorsey. If he made an NFL roster than I have to believe Jason White can at least be a serviceable backup with somebody.

There's 96 quarterbacks in the NFL; I think he's good enough to make the cut as far as being on a roster.

But I doubt he'll ever be a starter.

ken dorsey was a billion times better in a prostyle offense than white.

dorsey and white have similar arm strength but dorsey is head and shoulders about white in reading defenses and making decsisions

the best way i can think to describe white's chances in the NFL are this

think Kordell stewart with less running ability ALOT less arm strength and even less descision making

don't get me wrong i am in no way a kordell stewart sympathizer i'm a friggin STEELERS FAN! however i'm not talking about the sitting in the pocket for a half a minute that white is able to do at OK(okay slight exageration) but the nfl 3-5 step drop and be ready to pass if that's what the play calls for after reading the def. White is not good at that.

leinert is much better at that than white and leinert won't have any significant NFL playing time either

If Dr. Craig Krenzel can make an NFL roster, Jason White can too.

don't expect krenzel to ever start another nfl game (outside of the freak 4th string QB starts last 5 games that is chicago this year)

Interestingly enough, you don't need a degree in Molecular Genetics to understand the difference between making an NFL roster and starting.


Carson Palmer is going to break that string of QB Heisman winners never amounting to anything... just watch...

Something nobody has mentioned is the team White plays on. They are stacked top to bottom. Good luck finding a team in the NFL that is better throughout the entire roster than their opponent is every week of the season.

"leinert is much better at that than white and leinert won't have any significant NFL playing time either"

Leinert is currently #2 on ESPN's draft prospect list. They are calling him a top 10 pick if he were to come out, which means he will get playing time eventually.

yeah so did ryan leaf, rick mirer, akili smith, chris wenke, and a host of other top rated prospect QB's who WERE A billion times better in college than Leinert