Jasper Fight

Whats the deals with the judges?

I fought the 2nd fight with a guy named Jason. I clearly had him beat. Only thing I am at fought on is that he got take downs but it was hard to get up under his short ass so he had a lil advanage.

I am just wondering what where they thinking because I was in controll the whole time as far as strikes go.

On a side notoe I think he knows he should have lost. I would be more then happy to have a rematch asap.

Skipp your a good ref btw..

My first fight and I went all 3 rounds.

i agree with you brotha!good job and i know you'll be back to put the smack down!

what was this card? who fought?
have the results been posted?


yo insane you did real good and stayed relaxed, I thought the fight could have went either way. A judges decision is just that, an opinion; so dont get too uspest. I think a rematch will be good.

Hey Guys, Ive been really really busy the last few days. I will be posting the results very soon. Thanks to everyone who paricipated- Jason

I have not seen the fight yet, but my speculation...

(1) If you clearly beat him, it would not have gone to the judges. (2) If you had been prepared for the fight, you would not have been taken down as easily. (3) A loss is a loss and a win is a win... no matter how close you cut it. (4) Your first fight and you went all 3 rounds... Well, you can look at that two different ways. And I really don't know which because I wasn't there... 1: That's great because you went 3 rounds with a tough SOB that you have been training for weeks to defeat. OR 2: You weren't ready to fight but you managed to survive until the end with someone that shouldn't have gone past the first round if you had been training like you should.

But... what the Hell do I know?

I've been doing this for a long time Tim. I take pride and honor in what we do. If someone from SBG gets beat, we come home, clean our wounds and go back to the grind. Not make excuses.

If you leave it to the judges than you should have nothing to say. Its just their opinion. Show some class; ask for a rematch I am sure Jason will do his best to get one for you.

Try preparing yourself next time and everything else will take care of its self.


SBG of Alabama

good posts - and I totally agree.  I'd rather watch a fight that goes to decision, to me it means these were well matched and they're right it could have gone either way.  Any time fights go the distance - neither fighter has anything to be ashamed of - but next time - you TAKE the win.  Kinda like a ball game that goes back and forth - much more entertaining than a runaway - means both are very good and you have to force the win in your favor.  Bet this gives you more incentive for your next fight.  Because you did lose (to a hometown boy - I've seen more than a few that were close have this outcome) you WILL do more next time to change the outcome quicker. 

A good loss is a great incentive.  later, ma

I'll try and post the full results tomorrow.

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scottie j


no love in bham?j/k

good luck with the show.


If you have time I would love to get the results from this event and add them to the FCF database.


thank you :)

I have like 2 days a week that I can get to paperwork and get real work done on the computer (I keep my granddaughter 3 days a week, was out going with Skip to train in Memphis last weekend and we've had alot on our plate with Skip's father passing away on the 18th) but I should be able to get this done very soon - remind me again if I haven't done this by this weekend.   ;-)

later, ma


If you have time I'd still love those results.

All the best!


soon I promise - grass cutting is calling my name ;-) and I have 2 catering jobs to deliver.  but soon!  later, ma

Up for MA!

I got an email from Matt Brown who said he def. John Dye on this show. Can you confirm?


yes he did,

still have all the paperwork but we're moving and everything is in a mess & all boxed up.  stay after me - email justadamngdcook@yahoo.com

possibly have the results on my belle log.


Matt Brown Guillotined Jon Dye in the first round. I'm not sure the time mark