Javi Vazquez Rips Into Frank Mir

On Sherdog radio network just now. It was ridiculous:

Frank Mir's not a good submission guy, he's 1000 times better at commentary, "Prime Frank Mir" doesn't exist and he sucked: he was getting destroyed by Ian Freeman and barely beating Wes Sims (Wes Sims! Vazquez says, lightweights can beat Wes Sims's ass, who cares if Mir was exchanging strikes with Wes Sims? Faber hits harder than Wes Sims and he's a 45 pounder!), is that this great prime fighter that everyone goes on about? He got the luckiest break ever against Tim Sylvia, if Sylvia just backed up he would have destroyed him. If Lesnar gets into side control he's going to destroy Mir.

A lot of Frank Mir hate from Javier Vazquez.

Whos Javi Vazquez?

Are you guys serious when you ask who Vasquez is?

I laughed when I heard him talk about Mir because I agreed with all of it.

javi is 10x the grappler mir has ever been and 10x the mma fighter.

Pic? whats he been in?

hmm i see a trend here

ug morons rooting for mir 'becuz brock is a pro wrassler'

pros all across the board saying lesnar will win.


Bottom Line, Mir has had alot more success then Vasquez in MMA. I wish he would show a little more respect. I guess he wouldn't of got a quote on Sherdog though, so he'll get 2 minutes of attention for a fight he'll be watching.

but he wears pink!

Uh...he's kind of right...not a lot of people will say it though...

I can't believe the Javi-hate. He is more than qualified to give his opinion
on Mir's skills.

What Javi said was true about Mir in regards to Freeman and Simms, but him berating Mir on not being a good submission guy is ridiculous. He probably would sucks the nuts of Nog, who hasn't had a submission against a credible HW in 4 years though. Go figure.

Sounds like Mir blew a load or 2 on his mom's face more then anything else.

I enjoyed it... I was laughing my head off... especially when he was ripping on Sims.

Javi is very qualified to make those statements. But Mir went for submissions quick without working for prime position which imo is bad ass.

^agree with that. Mir will aggressively pursue submissions which has worked for him. He also has a reputation as a guy who won't sit around and wait for you to tap, he will crank it until the fight's over.

Javi is a good dude and knows his sh*t. I think Javi is dead on reg. Mir.

Hey BLAF, what exactly are you talking about with the "fruity" comment? Was it the pink shorts? Splain yourself kid!

id still like to know what mir has done thats impressive since 2004?

^ bounced at the Spearmint Rhino!

"edited for double post"

"javi is 10x the grappler mir has ever been and 10x the mma fighter." Well he hasn't shown he can do anything in mma and he comes off as a douche. Maybe when he becomes a mma champ. maybe I'll pay more attention.