jax gyms

looking for recommendations on everything really, MMA in general but also BJJ and muay thai, doesn't have to be necessarily the same place

thanks in advance, i know there have been previous threads but i know sometimes coaches, people, things change

 the only place I have been to in jax was Daniel Moraes'.....and I would highly recommend training with him

Moraes went back to Brazil, Combat Athletix has BB James smiley who got his BB from Edson Diniz. A pro boxing instructor, and a collegiate wrestler from a wrestling coach. It's in Orange Park. There is also bulldog boxing .chameleon , and cheqemate bjj. Phone Post

Luiz Palhares in Jax (Red and Black belt) BB under Rickson Gracie come and check us out

Jacksonville Gracie Jiu-Jitsu School
Outback Plaza 9825 San Jose Blvd, Suite 21-22,
Jacksonville, FL 32257



Try The Training Yard in Atlantic Beach. It is operated by a Chris Haueter black belt (Dean Grant). Of course, it is an "outdoor" facility and hot as hell:

18 West Third Street, Atlantic Beach FL 32233

Victor Huber, a 3rd degree Royler black belt, is in Atlantic Beach. His jiu-jitsu is top notch:

60 West 8th St. Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Master Palhares is great, but he is 40 minutes from the beaches.

I will be conducting a seminar at Chameleon the 23rd of this month. I live in St Augustine that is my main focus. I have some people that drive down from Jax. All the previous options are good choices as well.

thanks for all the responses guys! means more to me than you know. i'll be seeing some of you real soon, just trying to kick this filthy smoking habit and work on my cardio a little bit (i know there is no simulation for grappling cardio) but i don't want to totally embarrass myself :]