Jay Heiron

Congrat's on the win last night.Jay is improving every fight I think in a few more fight's jay will be top 10.
Input anyone

 Jay's a bad mofo. A rematch with Blackburn will be worth the price of admission and from the sound of it, the fight may happen as a title defense. Cool...

Jay is one of the most improved fighter's out there the kid has a sick work ethic.If he keeps going in this direction he could be a force in any organization as well as UFC champ.

yes hes improved but he aint going to be UFC WW champ!

I'm not saying right now in the future.

I know and I agree that hes improved a lot. I just dont see him beating the top 170 guys out there.

I mean I can think of a bunch of guys who would beat him at 170 now and probably still in a couple of years!