Jay Hieron and Thiago Alves on TAGG Radio Monday

yo, yo, yo and away we go! ... again.

9-10:30am pst

last week ...
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today we're back at it with these two great fighters who had some big wins recently. thiago is near the top of the heap now at 170 in the ufc while jay defended his belt in the ifl.

looking forward to hearing from train judo and david bollea (spidey), if they'd like to call 702-222-3062 during the show. they seem to be really big contributors to mma.

 TTT for Thiago. Are you sure that you really want Quincy gheying up the show?


good point. but we'll all look cooler after hearing his thoughts on life in general.


he's special. give you that one.

good show dudes . thiago alves is the real deal cant wait to see him fight again. that train judo dude is a dumb shit.