Jay Hieron will KILL St Pierre

u heard it 1st from me!!!

Where's this fight going down and when?? I been out the loop of the UG, aside from the Manuelo Romero debacle.

Thanks in advance

on ufc 48 in vegas

I think Hieron will win too, but I'm sure Frenchy thinks otherwise lol

Holy crap, I dunno, mabye the Ufc sees something I don't. ;)

I dont doubt that but there are quite a few other people who have earned ufc shots that would also beat st. pierre.

Serious!!! Is Jay fighting on UFC?? Man he will kick the shit out of St.Pierre. AWESOME!!

lol at Hieron beating St-Pierre. That was the funniest thing I have read in a while. Thanks for the laugh guys.

RKing85 is CORRECT

thats some funny shit

George St. Pierre is for real.

Ohh boy!!! I bet we can find some old threads that say Spratt will splat George, The Wildman will go primal on St Pierre, Kara will sub this french kid in no time. Fella's please!!!

Don't get me wrong, Hieron is a tough guy. He wouldnt be in the UFC if he wasnt but this is just a BAD fight for his debut.

Oh yeh...Look for Ivan Menjivar to bring some TERROR to Matt in the cage as well.

Shit can we get one more Cannuck in the show so we can make it a hat trick :)


Best laugh of the day!!!!

Are you sure they are fighting. It says Jason Miller for George St. Pierre

St. Pierre looked pretty sound against Karo, not real exciting, but very sound. He also looks huge for 170?

"Georges will lay a French Canadian beating on this guy."

Well, he sure did give me a French Canadian insomnia cure when I saw him at 46.

Jay and Matt will dominate their opponents.

LOL at all the silly bastards on this thread...

Jay's a great fighter and has the ability to win this fight...

But, He's in for a war I think far too many people have underestimated George (Again)


St. Pierre takes this fight by good old fashioned G+P stoppage 2nd round...

Hieron is slick, and can bring it and keep it on the ground.

Cocky americans :)

St. Pierre, GNP in 2.