Jay Hieron

k, so I'm reading all these threads on Jay Hieron and the only people who are saying Hieron will win is people who know him or have trained with him. I saw a clip of one of jay Hieron's ROC fight (don't even know which one) and if he brings that skill level, Georges will hurt him. Real bad. Hieron is significantly smaller, and he won't be able to come anywhere near St. Pierre's strength and power. And to everyone who says Hieron will submit Georges, Georges defended everything Parisyan threw at him. St. Pierre's wrestling is just to good. St. Pierre will overpower Hieron and win easily.

If any of you Hieron supports honestly want to bet, just say how much. I will take you up on any bet amount. Name the price.

Almost every time a virtually unknown guy gets a UFC shot, some of his friends and training partners come out of the woodwork proclaiming how he's going to kill the very experienced UFC vet he's fighting.

Now sometimes, this does happen (Charuto vs Newton springs to mind) but only very rarely, and usually it's more like Genki Sudo vs Mike Brown at 47.

It's a vaguely frustrating phenomenon, although understandable. The simple truth is that most guys who are invited into the UFC like this have come from smaller regional events where they have been dominant, but the UFC is at another level, and sometimes they might be successful, but more often they just won't be - not because they're not very skilled, but because the UFC guys are, mostly, *extremely* skilled and experienced.

A few things about Heiron:

1) He is a Renzo student, so the Renzo guys will surely come out of the woodwork and proclaim him to be the next coming of God, much like Serra was before he got pimpslapped 2x in one fight.

2) He is a wrestler/kickboxer and knows Phil baroni so the fight will probably be exciting as he will most likely have a "go for the KO" mentality.

3) This is the same guy who got submitted by David Avellan earlier this year at GQ. I saw the DVD, and his ground game was sub par.

4) If St. Pierre puts him on his back, he will do worse than Baroni did.

5) He also called Avellan a pussy after he almost got his arm popped by him and lost. Classy guy. Then again, he is friends with Baroni so that explains it...

Did I miss anything?

how about some odds ?? 2-1 odds Ill take Hieron 50 against your 100 ? DarenX007@Aol.Com

numerouno- Matt raped Shonie in his debut, despite Shonie having 40 frigging fights. If Matt does not make a rookie mistake he would have easily won the decision in that fight.

The fact that Renzo's students can walk out of the academy and fight on a world class level with little or no experience says something about the level of instruction and training at the academy.

That being said I think Georges will win this fight. I do not know Jay so I can't really give an opinion of him. But I am sure he will make a good showing for himself if he trains with Rodrigo.

I don't know Hieron at all but I saw him fight ion Mass about a month ago and he looked like a tough mofo. I have no idea if he'll win but he's a talented fighter that took a fight on 3 weeks notice. no need to hate him for that.

Nobody hates Jay Hieron. It just seems that way if you go against the prevailing Renzo Gracie Academy wave of support.

In his fight against Holanda the reports were that he dominated and crushed him. Actually the fight went both ways and Hieron had to fight out of at least three submission attempts including an armbar that he survived because of the bell. Only one punch rocked Holanda, but Hieron was not able to capitalise on it.

first off jay is trained by rodrigo and at the bellmore kickboxing academy.his ground game is way better than that grappling tourn,which he decided to do the day before the event.he is trained by a guy that has trained world champions in kickboxing derek panza and tim lane he also trains rodrigo and phil.and jordan pergola another up and comer.jay stand up is very tight. st.pierre knows first hand what type of wrestler jay is because they have wrestled aganist each other before.lets just say jay held his own.for those of you that dont know jay he is a hard worker has tons of heart,respects anyone that gets in there and fights.

He might be great and all, but it's frustrating that he gets the call over much more deserving, well known, and proven fighters.

Numerouno-You always know alot of the NY fighters. But you are gonna judge Jay's skill on a grappling match against David Avellan? A match that Jay was winning up til the last 2 minutes? David is world class and Jay took that fight on 2 days notice because believe me, as the guy who set up the fights in that tourn, NOBODY wanted to fight David.

Email me-savbo@optonline.net, if you are so sure Jay will lose, how bout a friendly wager?