Jay Mohr Hosting Jim Rome's Show.

"Joe Rogan knows more about MMA than I know about anything".

"My wife and I are into Clay Guida, the carpenter."

The next segment he wants to be mma-related.

Sorry to disappoint you WFA wizards.

Jay Mohr is still alive?  I thought he died back in 2000 or so.

 Apparently, he is fat. The listeners light him up. And the douche showed 15 minutes late to guest host so they played best ofs for 2 segments.



i like Jay. he is funny but my god he needs to leave that thing he married.

 He talks about her like she is a goddess. TFP?!


Ah, the Bobcat leftovers.

 For a network comedy, his show Gary Unmarried isn't horrible. (imo)

 He hosts Blizzcon every year.

I enjoyed his cancelled show "Action":


Wish there would have been more of those...