Jay Nady

The other day, while I was watching one of Julian Jackson's early fights, the commentator introduced an extremely young Jay Nady as 'a good up and coming referee'.

There he was, about 20 years younger, bouncing like an experienced fighter, looking much bigger than Jackson and his rival, in the center of the screen. For a few seconds the fight was almost forgotten and it was all Jay Nady: the image setup, ring generalship, the fight rythym and even the commentators, it was all one with and for Nady. It was almost disturbing.

I've always thought a good ref is the one you dont notice is there, one you dont even see, but it seemed like Nady had a different view on this subject: HE was the fight.

All this wouldnt really mean nothing if Jackson's much inferior opponent wasnt getting beaten so badly, with his head snapping back and his boxing almost unexistant, but refusing to fall down. For about 4 rounds the massacre continued with Nady dancing from side to side, offering his best angle to the camera, showing off his footwork, while that kid was being literally killed in front of a then silent crowd. The beating was so bad at one point, that one of the doctors climbed to the ring and angrily told Nady to start giving protective counts, because that boy had already sustained too much headshots. Seconds later the fight was stopped.

That reminded me of the Trinidad-Vargas stoppage: after being down twice in the same round (12), Nady allows Vargas to 'get up once more only to get knocked out' like Merchant pointed out. Once the fight ends, Vargas, still down and out, looks to the camera: he will never be the same again.

I have not seen any other of Nady's fights besides the controversial Judah-Tsyzu, but those two sure left me with a bitter taste.

What do you guys think of him? Thanks

i don't like him. inconsistent stoppages.