Just wanted to take a minute to wish all the best to Jason MacDonald who will be representing Canada on Saturday night (May 1st) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the AFC. He will be matching up against a very game Anthony Rea from France in the main event for the AFC LHW Title Championship Belt.

Jason is fully prepared for this fight and will have awesome support coming from his two world class cornermen Denis Kang and Bill Mahood.

Have fun Jay.... We're all very proud of you.

Kick his ass bro!

Make us proud Jay!

I say Jason subs Rea in round 2 via choke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TTT for Jay Mac.

Big BIG fight for him and I know he's gonna represent.


Take em out Jay.... that's a damn good corner he's got too.



whoa, whoa, whoa,... let me get this straight.

You got Jay Mac fighting, AND Dennis Kang and Bill Mahood Cornering?

This is going to be a murder on Florida.

We should see the reinactment in September on CSI

Represent Jay.

There's a new force in town..... Stay tuned for details.... :)

Jason by Sub

Awesome fight. Jay and Rea are both beasts. Good luck JMac!

TTT for Jason......kill'em!

Yahoo for J-Mac!

TTT for Macdonald coming home with that belt!!

I recently had a chance to watch JMac train during his recent visit to Vancouver to meet with BigRed, Denis, Bill, Ulisses, and Marcus Soares.

I hope Anthony Rea is ready because Jason is in amazing condition.

Gonna be a war ! I'm DYING to see Jason fight, I have yet to get the chance, but I only hear amazing things from the crew about him.

Good luck Jason, come home to Canada with the belt !




Go Jay Mac!

Once again huge props to our Canadian "Athlete" for representing us on the International stage.....

TTT for Jason MacDonald !