Jazz clips of me from 10 years ago

Back in high school (like a decade ago) our band recorded a CD. It's called the UWM Youth Jazz Ensemble, or more commonly known as UWMYJE. This is a 23-member big band.I haven't heard this CD in about 8 years, but I noticed they were selling it at this music store I was at, so I had to pick it up.Here's a few charts, and I'm playing lead and solo trumpet. I was young then and really didn't understand the value of actually sounding good, so please go easy on my trumpet solos, I was young;)Nice-n-Easy BluesSouth 21st Street ShuffleThe QuintessenceAnything'll Do

Ah, links aren't working. I need a better host.

That is the shittiest playing I've ever heard! You call that jazz?

I have two suggestions Chief, first try the SG iuma site


If that doesn't work I believe you can store files on geocities and angelfire as long as you link to the site, no hotlinking directly to the file.




Fix those links!

I'm still trying to find a good music hosting site. In the near future I will also have some clips of our big-band playing a concert from about 2 months ago that I'd like to post.

This looks promising: