Jazz - worst team in the league?

*Rant On*
I read three or four season previews a while back and everyone of them had the Jazz dead last in the league, now I understand that on paper that really may be the case considering the huge loss of talent but have the Jazz ever been last? Seems to me that Utah is always overlooked despite being one of the most consistent teams. Both years they went to the finals I remember them being ranked 7th or 8th. Am I being unreasonable in thinking that Utah deserves at least some respect? I know this is a major rebuilding year but I still thought that Jerry Sloan would make sure that they were still a decent, competitive team. Seems lots of people are very surprised by their performance, even tho at 7-6 it's nothing stellar. I'd just like to see Sloan and the players get some more respect, Sloan makes great teams out of good ones and even good teams out of terrible ones. They draft for character rather than talent and still manage to perform. *Rant Off*

well ask around here, I said they would win 40 games this year. There coach is awesome and there home record is always great

"Jazz - worst team in the league?"


they are probably not going to make the playoffs but they will earn the respect of everyone

I think the Bulls could be worse.

Jerry sLOAN is a stud. I hazte to say that, but he is. I hate the jazz, but he is working wondersz.. Hopefuklly they will all marry 10 wives and go dooor to door asking for charity inn white shirts and bicycles. I hate the jazz.

Jerry is the only coach in the NBA right now where he will tell any of his players to fuck off and if they don't like it he will kick their ass. He knows he has the backing of the owner so any player gives lip, they get sat down, suspended or traded. Sloan is all about success.

More owners should look at what The Jazz have down with Sloan, its all about sticking with a coach and having success, sure he hasn't got a ring but look at his record, he is very successful as a coach. Also look at Bill Cowher, the owners stick with him and he is successful

It took guys like Nebraska's Tom Osbourne and Jim Beheim for Syracus over 25 years to win their first championships but even before that they were highly successful and the loyalty paid off, more owners and schools should understand this

ttt, remember what I said fuckers

lol. The Jazz are ahead of the Blazers!