JBJ on espn live now

Talking live in studio with Stuart Scott Phone Post

And came off goofy. Phone Post

I liked it Phone Post

Wish he wore a suit. Was fine though Phone Post

if anything he tried to contrast UFC's perceived "savagry" for the sports fans who aren't MMA-literate with a real jerk/ass in the biggest/most popular sport in America.

 He came off good.  He is getting more relaxed in front of the camera.  Great to see cause he is a great ambassador for the sport. 

Gnarly219 - And came off goofy. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Oh my god, I'm leaving MMA forever. Came off goofy, no doubt those Adonis, gladiator sport broadcasters are laughing at him when the cameras cut. MY god, I am appalled.

How will he ever get into a fraternity now, and become America's #1 athlete (brought to you by OREOS and Johnson's baby wipes.)

Maybe he should pull a pen out of his ass and sign Machida's Forehead. Bob Costas would love him.

Penn State.

Its crazy to see how much exposure he is getting. I think it helps him he has a brother in the NFL and another playing college ball too. He has become a great fighter in a great time for MMA , if he continues to win he could be the biggest star based on the mainstream exposure now. Phone Post