JBJ - poster boy for the primma donna fighter

These primma donna fighters we are plagued with are hurting the sport more then they know. It's obvious that fighters who have made it to the top feel they have way to much to lose. It has shown through in the past in boring fights. Different fighters in there just to win, not entertain or actually fight. the have been doing just enough to win then run run run. Now they are so afraid of losing what they have attained they are turning down fights at the detriment to the fans, the sponsers, the promoters, the entire sport, and their fellow fighters.

One easy solution, give them less to lose.

Restructure the pay so the top end is getting less and the lower end is getting much more.

Jones can walk away from a fight easily because he makes enough money to put it off. These new fighters, the champions of tommorrow, will suffer though. Their families will suffer and their training will suffer.

Take a million from JBJ and redistribute it to the other fighters on the card. Make it a policy and we may see champions actually going in there to entertain and fight, instead of just to win.

The "Champions of tomorrow" will do the same as Jones when their chance comes, that's how it works, the successful are paid well and the others aren't. Its called capitalism.

I always defended his sometimes sanctimonious shit and can't disagree with GJ's call that this fight wouldn't be good for him...


Yeah, it makes him look like a beta piece of shit.

Your coach advised you against fighting, but you're a real fighter? You find a new coach.

Your coach advised you against fighting, but he's the one and only Greg Jackson? Well then no way you fight, he said so.

If that isn't beta as balls then I don't know what is. What the fucking hell is happening to my once beloved sport?

It used to be awesome. Now it's just kind of drama gay, and not in a good way, like NPH.

On a side note, NPH would probably have taken the fight.

Mwahahaha! Jon 'Bones' Jones is gayer than Neil Patrick Harris, and not near as classy yo!

Inequality of pay and redistribution of pay are things that fall well within the term capitalism.

Champs would still make the most money...I'm not talking about communism, socialism or capitalism. I'm talking about pay distribution and how it could be done better. Better capitalism if you will.

The current model takes away the champions motivation to fight and entertain. Tweaking it would not remove the capitalist aspect.

There is something called checks and balances in government, the capitalism you speak of is one with NO checks and balances. Any government with no checks and balances fails.

This is about checks and balances, making MMA a better sport.