JBL at it again

"--WWE officials are attempting to keep Palmer Canon from quitting. He's given notice after flying home after the first day of the European tour. It was a situation involving JBL while on tour. He was being hazed by JBL and others to the point he and JBL almost had a confrontation. At this point, he's turned down all requests to reconsider."


Where is McCandy to do damage control

Who is Palmer Canon?

"I don't know what his real position with WWE was."

he had a developmental contract, i believe he was down in Deep South Wrestling

That hazing shit is retarted and outdated. These are grown men who make a lot of money and should behave like professionals. The WWE is a publicly traded company. Sooner or later, someone with nothing to lose, without fear of the McMahon, et. al., will go to 20/20, Dateline, 60 Mins.etc and expose all the sexist, racist, bullying behavior. As usual WWE will be embarassed and continue to look like a company run by idiots. I'm a fan but this stuff is just dumb.

Thanks JohnMc.

How many chairshots to the head has JBL taken?! Does he think he's still in college torturing the frat pledges?!

Does anyone have a pic of the other guy?

Is JBL that tuff why doesn't someone beat his ass?

Why does Vince like him?

apparently jbl is good at financial stuff...maybe that's why vince likes him so much...he sucks pretty bad too. Vince get your head out of your ass please

"JBL is not tough at all. Steve Blackman knocked him out at an airport IIRC for trying to play games with me."

You mean you personally, JohnMc?

I read (I think on 1wrestling.com) that he grabbed Steve Blackman's buttocks, and Blackman turned around and knocked him down. Blackman is a legit, big guy; not one to be screwed with. (I met him very briefly at a kickboxing/MMA event in NJ a few years ago).

I agree with you guys, i always wondered why JBL is stil on that roster, i kinda liked the acolytes, but this JBL character just doesnt fit, he should be fired.

Someone should beat his ass, good for Blackman.


"sorry gortiz. that was a typo. I meant theat JBL was playing games with Blackman. The drawbacks of posting after 11:00pm."

Ok, thanks.