JC Pennington vs. Calvin Martin

The next "Big Easy Fighting Championships"will be Friday, March 19th at "The Main Event" Fight Club , Bar & Grill in the city of Metairie, La. 8 fights are scheduled for that night with JC Pennington of Slidell, La. making his pro debut against Calvin Martin of Laplace, La.Kyle "Ears " Bradley of Baton Rouge, La. in the co-feature vs. Will Bradford of Dallas, Tx. Other fighters competing are Warren Donley 170lb, , RC Stephens 155lb, Chris Rockwell 265lb, Mat Edwards 165lb, Big John Brown 350lbs, Larry Spratley 205lbs vs. Tim Ellis 195lbs , Freddie Espricueta 175lbs,Seth Clifton 165lbs Brandon Keith 125lbs, and more. Looking for matches for these fighters. If anyone would like to compete on this event please contact Ancona's gym at 504-888-6451 or e-mail anconasgym@aol.com. General admission $15, Ringside only $30. And for those coming with family and friends, there is a hotel 2 blocks from the gym with $45 room rates.ORLEANS COURTYARD INN 504-455-6110.HOTEL, GAS, AND FOOD PROVIDED FOR ALL FIGHTERS!!! Any fighters wishing to crash at the fighters dorm in the gym ,please feel free to do so, it has full shower and locker facilities and a complete kitchen!!!

TTT glad you guys found JC a fight.

ttt. JC gonna do some damage!

isn't this going to be a rematch from the last man standing tourney? i can't remember for sure since i wasn't able to see it, but it seems like they fought each other in the second round of that tourney. i'm glad someone stepped up finally.

yeah. rematch

well i'll have to go with J.C. again. props to calvin for stepping up though. i've seen him fight a few times, but not mma. he seems like a good striker with some athleticism. however, i think J.C.'s training and experience in nhb will be too much for Calvin.

Our team is building strong here in New Orleans


what time does it start? 9pm?

I'll have lots of DVD's with me tonight for those interested.

elmo at 9 pm

calvin is an independent fighter who trains with steve hemphil in New Orleans, not us

come see me chris "the biggest penis in mma " rockwell

take that however you want

....yea.....for a rematch....both coming into there "Pro" status right?



My guy no showed

Chris Rockwell backed out hours before

Big Jon Brown beat RC Stevens in a David and Goliath match by slam causing an injury.

JC pulled the armbar from the gaurd on Calvin Martin in his pro debut in the second round.

Man, John Brown's opponants always back out. It happens so often. It must be frustrating for him. Why was he matched with a 155 pound guy after Rockwell backed out though?

Because RC Stevens is a tough mofo who loves to fight and didnt have a fight that night either. He wanted to fight and someone said jokingly we should have a David and Goliath match and RC jumped at the chance. The injury was a pre existing one from training.

RC was actually doing well until Jon took him down. He was circling landing strikes on Jon.

Thanks to all the fighters, and I hope you all liked the porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!